Elaine and I have been rescuing dogs and cats for 28 years now. Being in the restaurant business for 28 years, we are aware of the abusive methods in the factory farm industry towards “God’s little creatures”. That’s why we are expanding our dog and cat rescue to The Animal Sanctuary. We will be bringing in farm animals destined for slaughter and animals have been mistreated.

We are Vegans — animal rights first, health will follow. We are trying to educated people in the benefits of a plant based diet and a way of life for the benefits of health and for the planet. “One acre of land can produce 55,000 lbs. of tomatoes, 60,000 lbs. of potatoes, 45,000 lbs. of corn and only 137 lbs. of beef!!!”. Just do the math and you can see how many people and animals can be fed on just one acre of land!!

As a species, humans are a millisecond in time. We must respect all on our fragile planet that we inhabit.