Our goal is to provide a home and loving, healthy environment so these rescues can live out their life in a peaceful, loving environment. When an animal on the rescue passes away, we will have them cremated and the urn will be buried with seeds of a Tree so that they will live and grow on the land forever.

We have  pool therapy for the dogs everyday, and give them the best limited ingredient, natural food and snacks available,  as well as we cook sweet potatoes, carrots and a variety of vegetables to mix with their daily food. The cats are fed an all natural, limited ingredient diet as well. When we expand to the Montana property, we will have dog acres, an  exercise area and more. The cats will have a fully enclosed, fenced in cat run area with kitty cabins  and more. They will have shelter from the elements, scratching posts, trees to climb, feeders and more. The farm animals will have fenced acreage and  barns  for shelter as well. We welcome and encourage volunteers to the sanctuary  who can help, and interact with all the animals for a healthy, fun and educational environment.

We will have about 25 to 30 acres to start the Sunshine Animal Sanctuary, with hopes to expand in the future.

God put the animals here to respect them, and with your help, we will do our best to do so.

Thanks and Peace To All.

Rich and Elaine LoRusso
“Sunshine Animal Sanctuary” 501(c)3
786 Diamond Ridge Loop
Florence, Montana, 59833